My Life

My Life authored by Jame Preston Hardison is the true story about James from his childhood until present time. He was born January 9, 1938 near La Grange, N. C., in the county of Lenoir. His father and mother were tenant farmers during that time. As a young child, perhaps up to five years old, the Hardison family had no electricity, telephone, television, running water, refrigerator or electric stove. However, they didn’t consider themselves to be in poverty. James’s parents always had a large garden, hogs, chickens and sometimes beef for meat. They even had a cow for our milk and butter. They had a wonderful life growing up in rural America.

James goes on to explain things he has done that later he has regretted, but for the most part his life has been filled with positive decisions. This story will reveal things about James that many members of his own family are unaware of. He came close to losing my life on occasions, especially as an adult. A lot of people know him for a lot of reasons, but they don’t know all the things he done or what his accomplishments have been. My Life tells things about him when he was a child, teenager and reflects the joy and sometimes heartbreak he has faced as a grown man. It’s been a desire of James for a long time to document the things he has done during his life, especially for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


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