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Frequently Asked Questions

Please view the frequently asked questions below about our ghostwriting, editing and publishing services. If you have a question that is not listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (323) 928-7255 

Self Publishing FAQs

What is your self publishing process like?

We follow a three-step process for our manuscript intake:

1.  The first factor we focus on is whom the book is written for – your audience.

2.  Once we have that understanding, we review the manuscript from printing and publishing points of view. This takes our team about two hours or less and would allow you and our team to see what timeline we are looking at and what support we can provide to you to get it to a wider audience; this could entail helping with editing, proofreading, getting your author platform, setting up a book signing event, etc. 

3.  After this review process, if you and our team feel we are a good fit, then we move to the printing/publishing process and request at least 12 weeks for basic publishing support. More time is needed if the manuscript needs editing or other support.

In this 12-week timeframe, we deliver three milestones: print-ready digital files for review, physical print copy for review, and the final milestone is starting the distribution to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

How long would it take to self publish a book?

Once the book has been edited, we request at least 12-weeks to publish your book and make it available on Amazon, B&N, etc.  You do have an option to request our expedited service, which can reduce this 12-week timeline to about 6 weeks.

How can I start my manuscript evaluation process?

To start the manuscript evaluation process, please use this down payment link.

What print formats options do you provide?

We provide paperback and hardcover options. For a hardcover, we can provide a jacket or a cloth-like texture to the cover. 

Can you guarantee that my book will be published?

If your goal is to have the book self-published, then we can 100% guarantee that your book can be published once it is done.

We provide the title catalog metadata to our retailers, but we do not have a direct feed. Retailers manage the metadata they choose to display, and it is completely within their right to not take action on our request. 

Can you assist with book marketing as well?

Yes, we can. Our team has experience with following forms of book and author marketing:

  1. Author website
  2. Social media management
  3. SEO
  4. Book signing events
  5. Book tours

Do you outsource the work to someone else? Is the team all US-based?

We do all the work in-house and we do not outsource it. 


Can I review the Agreement sample?

Yes, you can by clicking here.

Please note that, all users, that by using the website and any services provided, they are agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth. These terms are a binding legal agreement and sets any age restrictions for visitors. You can view our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct here.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, and it can be reviewed here: https://carypress.com/refund-policy/

How do I get paid royalties?

You earn royalties through two ways:

  1.  Your royalties will be deposited into your bank account on a monthly basis.
  2.  If you buy your author copies (you get a 75% discount), you can sell them directly during your book tours and earn royalties directly.

How many files are provided? Would the company notify me so I can request the file to possibly make the revision?

When our team creates the print-ready files, there are two separate files: The interior, formatted file and the full cover file(front cover, spine and the back cover). So, each of these can be revised once. Yes, once the invoice is paid, the first thing our team needs to do is create and share the timeline/milestones list, like this: 
Start   End
7/28/2023   8/15/2023
Print – Ready Files
Start   End
8/23/2023   9/8/2023
Sample Copy Mailed
Start   End
9/8/2023   10/9/2023
Start   End
10/9/2023   11/1/2023
This way you know what to expect from us and when. In the emails, I will identify the stage we are at and ask if you wish to approve this milestone to move to the next milestone or do you wish to update the manuscript. 

I’m curious if the review was done by reading the whole document or using a software to look to see if the paper is consistent with your publishing policy. Would you please elaborate on it.

Sure. So, we have a two-member quality assurance team that scans the manuscript to familiarize ourselves with the topic and approve title for publishing with our company. 

I’d to ask your personal opinion on why a simple, plain white cover with basic font style would less effective as compared to a professional designed full cover? You’re obviously an expert & can help me understand better.

There are three main factors that attract readers to a book (whether in a book store or online) and help make a decision to buy it. They are:

1. Main title and subtitle (1-2 seconds devoted)

2. Front book cover artwork (2-5 seconds)

3. Back cover summary (About a minute)

From this hierarchy of influences, if we use pleasing combination of color, patterns, and images, that can help readers choose/buy your book.

How would a Kindle or Audible version help me?

In book industry, offering different formats, paperback, Kindle, hardcover, CD, and audio book, gives buyers options, eventually boost sales and help longevity of a book in spreading its message. We understand that sales is not a goal you are trying to achieve, but the latter, to get the book’s message to the right audience is. Therefore, adding Kindle version will diversify the offering.

Ghostwriting FAQs

What is your ghostwriting service process like?

Our ghostwriting process depends on the genre of the book being written. If it is a memoir or a business book, then it involves two stages:

  1. Interviewing, transcribing, and creating one or two drafts of manuscripts
  2. Editing and proofreading rounds

If it is a medical book, then it involves an extra stage — research, citation extraction, and augmentation. 


How long is a ghostwriting service process?

Most of the 150-200 page books can be completed in 6-7 months. 

The timeline can be customized to suit your desired deadline as well as the budget. 


Is there just one person working on my book or a team?

All our ghostwriting packages come with at least a three-member team:

  1. Lead ghostwriter
  2. Associate writer
  3. Lead editor

Depending on the package, a proofreader would be the fourth team member. 


Do you outsource the work to someone else? Is the team all US-based?

We do all the work in-house and we do not outsource it. All of our ghostwriters are US or Canada based. 


Can you guarantee that my book will be published?

If your goal is to have the book self-published, then we can 100% guarantee that your book can be published once it is done. 

Can I review the Agreement sample?

Yes, you can view the User Agreement by clicking here.

Please note that, all users, that by using the website and any services provided, they are agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth. These terms are a binding legal agreement and sets any age restrictions for visitors. You can view our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct here.

Editing FAQs

Can you explain how the editing process works if I submit a rough draft of my manuscript?

Sure. Let’s say that your memoir manuscript has 11,220 words and four chapters. On an average an autobiography/memoir has 250-350 pages. If we convert your manuscript in a published book, the page count would be about 60 pages. If you choose our editing service, we’d recommend the editing to be done in stages. For example:

1. Developmental editing: one round is recommended

2. Copy editing: one round is recommended

3. Last would be proofreading: one round is recommended


Please define differences in copy editing and proofreading.

Proofreading and copy editing are two distinct stages in the editing process, each serving a specific purpose and addressing different aspects of a written document. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between proofreading and copy editing:


  1. Focus: Proofreading primarily focuses on correcting errors related to grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting. It is the final check before publication to ensure that the text is error-free.

  2. Scope: Proofreaders review a document at a superficial level, looking for surface-level mistakes and inconsistencies. They do not delve into the content or style of the writing.

  3. Timing: Proofreading occurs at the end of the editing process, after copy editing. It is typically the last step before the document goes to print or is published online.

  4. Tasks: Proofreaders correct typos, grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, and ensure consistent formatting (e.g., consistent use of fonts, headings, and margins). They may also check that page numbers, headings, and captions are in order.

  5. Tools: Proofreaders often use style guides and dictionaries to ensure consistency and accuracy in language usage and formatting.

Copy Editing:

  1. Focus: Copy editing is a more in-depth process that focuses on improving the overall quality and clarity of the content. It involves reviewing the text for issues related to style, coherence, and readability in addition to correcting errors.

  2. Scope: Copy editors not only correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling but also address issues like awkward phrasing, unclear sentences, redundancies, inconsistencies in tone and style, and overall content flow.

  3. Timing: Copy editing is typically performed before proofreading. It is an intermediate step in the editing process, coming after the initial draft but before the final polishing (proofreading) stage.

  4. Tasks: Copy editors work to enhance the readability and effectiveness of the writing. They may suggest rephrasing sentences, reorganizing paragraphs, and providing feedback on the overall structure and coherence of the document.

  5. Tools: Copy editors use their expertise in language and writing style, along with knowledge of the target audience, to improve the document’s clarity and impact. They may also reference style guides but are more focused on the content itself.

With each round a new editor reviews the manuscript for redundancy and clarity issues. The reason for that is that just as every writer has a personal style, every editor has a personal style within the boundaries of the actual rules. Some editors like to read flowing, descriptive phrases and will think nothing of purple prose and Howard Pyle-esque passages. Other editors might be used to working with ad copy and prefer the “get to the point” style instead.

In summary, proofreading is the final step that checks for surface-level errors and ensures a polished appearance, while copy editing is a more comprehensive process that involves improving the content’s quality, coherence, and readability. Both stages are crucial in the editing process, with copy editing preceding proofreading to achieve a well-crafted and error-free final document.

In your Agreement, you have stated, "Editing Phase: Each editing round would cover 2-3 areas that need improvement.” Do these improvements affect the content or they’re just for better readability, flow & comprehension?

Editing support will not affect content or your “voice” (the way you have articulated content). It helps to improve readability, flow and comprehension by reducing redundancy, removing grammatical and mistakes, etc.

Check Out Our Reviews for Our Self-Publishing Book Service

Shannon HaywoodShannon Haywood
13:28 03 Sep 23
As a first time author, I did not know anything about the publishing process, and these guys walked me through every step. I always had a million questions and the answers came quickly. Ry was great to work with. The final outcome of my book, Hope Flies High, was absolutely beautiful exceeded my expectations. I hope to work with them again in the future.
Neeraj KumarNeeraj Kumar
15:00 29 Dec 22
I can not say enough about how wonderful Carypress publishing company was to work with! They were fantastic! My author manager Maggie Bassett guided me through it all with such expert knowledge. Being a first-time author and technology challenged, she guided me with such patience and grace! I highly recommend this publishing company!!
Louis WellmanLouis Wellman
15:59 17 Nov 22
Loved everything about CaryPress International Books of Charlotte. My editor was fantastic, my books were published in a timely fashion and my experience was outstanding.


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