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Our team has experience with helping you write a business book to establish yourself as a business leader, and maximize your earning potential.

How Our Business Book Ghostwriting Services Help You

We have worked with 1,550+ authors so we have streamlined our whole writing, editing, production, publishing, and marketing processes.

We’re excited about the opportunity to work with you on producing a business book with the practical information and tone that you’re looking for!

We have extensive experience with writing and editing business books on a wide variety of business subjects, products, and services for the purposes of education, motivation, and sales.

We value your time and, therefore, we promise to deliver a pristine product that is ready to publish, with no hand-holding or micromanaging needed. And if by chance you do need some small edits, they are always included in our price.

“Working with CaryPress Books was a great experience. Having worked together on three books over the years, they’ve proven themselves to be reliable, responsive, and talented. Their team is a great resource for us and I definitely recommend their services to any author or publisher looking for top-quality writing services with a well-managed process.” Dr. Jeremiah Loch

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We have Ghostwritten over 50 books for our clients

About CaryPress Books

We officially started in July of 2013 when John Sparks, Maggie Bassett and Robert Bassett, decided to create a company that was different than what we had experienced in the self-publishing industry. John, having published his books through Outskirts Press, was not happy with the canned responses, being passed from one project manager to another and a very long book production process. Amelia, on the other hand had different set of grievances against Xilibris, where she had published more than one book: high cost, difficult customer service and confusing way they did business. So looking at the complaints we heard our clients and business partners voice against big self-publishing companies, we felt we can use those common complaints as the guide to light up our path on how we could differ as a self publishing service provider.

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Washington, DC. and London, UK – March 2020 – The Right Write, Inc and CaryPress Books today announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement to create CaryPress International Books, to continue expansion into Europe and UAE, as well as serve existing clients in those markets.

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