Just a Few High Quality Decisions by Andrea Zigrossi

Just a Few High Quality Decisions by Andrea Zigrossi

Just a Few High-Quality Decisions is about the lessons the author learned throughout the course of his business career with Fortune 500 companies. It outlines the underlying, fundamental actions required to build a great culture, attract the best talent within your...

The Keys to Freedom

The Keys to Freedom

The Keys of Freedom authored by Kaden Lebray is about examining and modeling the most successful, wealthiest, and happiest people in the world. This book powerfully delivers and summarizes the key principles that lead to freedom in all walks of life. In the Key,...



About the BookImagine having access to a set of communication tools you could deploy at any time. This tool kit would increase collaboration and improve the odds of positive outcomes for you and those around you. You now have access to this tool kit, it is called...

Business  – Women Empowerment at Work

Business – Women Empowerment at Work

About the BookI have been honored to share many of my lessons learned about how to thrive in the corporate world with my female coaching clients and have rejoiced as they have achieved their own successes.  I decided that it was time to share these insights with more...


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