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Ghostwriting Services 

As a ghostwriter agency, our focus is assisting you with books in all genres. These could be novels, memoirs or business books that help articulate your wisdom in a professionally written and published paperback, hardcover or Kindle book. 

How Our Ghostwriting Services Help You

We have worked with 2,000+ authors so we have streamlined our whole writing, editing, production, publishing, and marketing processes. That means you have an experienced partner who can lead you from the book ideation stage to a polished manuscript ready to be used the way you envisioned: to boost your credibility, connect with your audience on a deeper level and leave a legacy for your loved ones and the world. Also, our team of hands-on, US-based publishing experts (many of whom are authors themselves) takes the complexity and guesswork out of publishing to make it a seamless process.

Ghostwriter Service

We have ghostwriters who can help turn your idea into a finished manuscript quickly and affordably, working directly with you every step of the way.

Book Editing Service

We offer Proofreading, Copy Editing, Line editing and Developmental editing to ensure your book is published without embarrassing mistakes that could be noticed by your readers.

Self Publishing Packages

We make it easy for our authors to get their book published professionally and sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other places.

Children’s Book Publishing

We help our children’s book authors every step of the way: from ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, illustrating, publishing to marketing.

We have Ghostwritten over 40 books for our clients

About CaryPress Books

We officially started in July of 2013 when John Sparks, Maggie Bassett and Robert Bassett, decided to create a company that was different than what we had experienced in the self-publishing industry. John, having published his books through Outskirts Press, was not happy with the canned responses, being passed from one project manager to another and a very long book production process. Amelia, on the other hand had different set of grievances against Xilibris, where she had published more than one book: high cost, difficult customer service and confusing way they did business. So looking at the complaints we heard our clients and business partners voice against big self-publishing companies, we felt we can use those common complaints as the guide to light up our path on how we could differ as a self publishing service provider.

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