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Book Marketing Services and Planning

A lot of self published authors skip marketing process, thinking it will save them money. In reality, they are eliminating their books’ chances of brining in new revenue and reaching bestseller status. That can have detrimental effects on your authoring career.

Why does your book need marketing?

There are ocer 1,000,000 books published every year in the US alone. On average, they sell less than 200 copies each. What will you do to make you and your book stand-out? The answer is marketing. With the fast-paced book competition around the world, you need to engage yourself in the hands of the powerful marketing.
Marketing Gets the Word-Out
So that books can gain sales, you and your book must be known to your readers and prospect customers. If your book is unknown to the community it will surely be gone with the wind. You need to build a strong connection to them and that is through marketing.

Book Marketing Services

How our book marketing services helps you

Our book marketers diversify your marketing plan so you can reach your author goals. Our marketing strategies can be scale up at any point of the campaign, allowing you the flexibility to grow as your fanbase does.

We have over 10 years of professional book marketing experience

Our team has been honing our craft in the writing industry since 2008. As a professional book marketing company, we offer high-quality marketing with professional standards at affordable prices. Publishing should be as stress-free as possible and our one-stop-shop approach streamlines the process. Our team of professional book marketers can accommodate every genre. We also have affiliations with established book marketing experts who can help diversify your book marketing plan. 

Some examples of marketing that you can do on your own…

Book Marketing Plan

Book marketing and promotion provide the most traction for your book, but most self-published authors and small independent publishers do not have large budgets to pay for extravagant book marketing campaigns. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable and effective methods for getting the word out that help strengthen your author platform to sell more books. The below book marketing strategies for self-published authors represent a high-level look at various traditional and digital book marketing strategies.

Advanced Review Copies (ARCs)
Advance review copies also called advance reader copies, or ARCs for short, are bound and/or electronic copies of your completed book. You’ll want to send these to booksellers, book reviewers and to people you’d like to endorse your book. You can also bring them with you to readings or other events you plan for the purpose of promoting your book pre-publication. ARCs help build buzz for your upcoming release and help you gain blurbs to put on the cover of your finished book. The key here is establishing that initial connection.

Tip Sheets
Tip sheets should be included with any ARCs you send or hand out. What’s a tip sheet? The tip sheet is one page that contains all the relevant sales information about your book, such as the ISBN, publisher/distributor, book length, publication date, and book description. Lend credibility to your work by crafting a comprehensive, readable tip sheet that sells your book at a high level.

One question you’ll want to answer when promoting your book to retailers is: what makes my book worth a seller’s while?
Retailers want to know how you can help them make money. Learn your market. Understand what fans of your genre are looking for, and play on those elements. Most importantly, have a plan in place and time your launch so it coincides with trade and retail calendars. But keep in mind; the bookseller isn’t going to market your book for you; that’s your job.

Author Website
Your author website is the go-to online space where readers can find out more about you and your work. Your author website should be the home base that links all your other social media accounts, news about your book, tour schedule (if relevant), and links to book reviews, etc. If you don’t want to build your own website, you can hire someone to do the building for you using a platform that makes it easy for you to edit and add to the site without outside assistance.

Don’t just have one; add to it consistently and frequently. Adding a blog to your author website keeps your readers interested in you and your work, and keeps your content fresh. You can even install a plug-in that automatically sends your posts to social media outlets like Facebook.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Goodreads
Facebook, Twitter, an Amazon Author Page, and Goodreads are social media marketing outlets where you should have a presence as an author. You might even want to upload videos. The more hits and likes you garner across the internet, the more your book will get noticed. An online presence is crucial to increasing your book sales and is a strong addition to any book marketing strategy.

Book Publicity
Book publicity makes a big difference for self-published authors since typically it’s reserved for traditionally published books. Even if you are an introvert, you may want to consider getting publicity for your book. TV, radio, and good-old-fashioned print reviews and interviews are valuable components of a successful book marketing strategy. If you really want to make the most of conventional media, hire a professional with an established network of industry pros. You may also plan to have author events, such as signings and/or talks at bookstores, other retailers, book clubs, writing groups, and events hosted by professional organizations. A blog tour is another great way to interact with fans and potential new readers, gain a following, and promote your work.

Making a Connection
Good book marketing builds an attractive author brand. An attractive author brand leads to a healthy author platform capable of converting a one-time buyer into a fan for life. Rather than being “salesy” your book marketing should help foster relationships—with readers and booksellers. Though your goal is to sell more books, the story your marketing tells should be informative, engaging, and accurately positioned according to your style and genre.

There are tons of ways you can market your book and build interest. It’s important to take the time to get to know the buying habits of readers in your genre and create messaging that is relatable. A balanced mix of traditional and online tactics is a good place to start. You’ll often find many of these tactics overlap.

How you market your book isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to successful self-publishing, but good book marketing is how readers will learn about you and your book.

The most important thing about a book marketing strategy is to have one. It might seem overwhelming in the beginning, but taking the first step is the hardest part. Consider hiring a professional for those areas of your plan that you don’t feel qualified to complete.

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Check Out Our Reviews for Our Self-Publishing Book Service

Excellent experience! Thank you for everyone’s professionalism and support through the entire process!
James Rooney
James Rooney
Absolutely excellent experience really recommend
Greg Lucci
Greg Lucci
The people I've worked with as a part of this organization have been very helpful in guiding and encouraging the development of my literary project. Courteous, knowledgeable, and quick to respond for advice and queries.
Mac Montgomery
Mac Montgomery
The entire staff at CaryPress has been exceptionally helpful from beginning to end in publishing my book. They also followed up when we expanded from Hardcover to both paper and ebook.
oganya udenyi
oganya udenyi
I am in Tysons Virginia. I worked closely with CaryPress on my Book project and I must say with all honesty that they are very professional, they deliver and exceed your expectations. I will use and reffer them every them to friends and family. Fantastic Job!!!
Kingsley Enoh
Kingsley Enoh
I just finished the process of writing and publishing my first book, with Cary Press a partner through the whole process. I love the fact that my input and my imprints were all over the production process. They also exercised a lot of patience as I had many questions throughout the process. I love the fact that they have flexible payment options making the burden of payment lighter for new authors like me. Overall, I had a great experience with Cary Press. Will definitely be returning for my next book.
hoda asgarzade
hoda asgarzade
I am a first time author. Alex White, my author guide, was simply just incredible! I really enjoyed communicating with her twice each week. Alex, a true professional with class, made me feel like a family member of CaryPress. Thank you Alex, as my dream has come true, this was a wonderful publishing experience! It was also a great pleasure communicating with her team. I am also looking forward to the marketing of my book. CaryPress, the outstanding publishing company that cares about your success! I will highly recommend CaryPress!
Mozhan Kd
Mozhan Kd
CaryPress was a good ghostwriting and publishing experience for me. They patiently worked with me and corrected anything on their end. During the galley review process, as well as make my overall publishing experience a good one. There are other companies out there who use highly aggressive sales tactics on their authors. CaryPress never did that to me. Overall, they were helpful without being pushy or intrusive.
Amir saeedfar
Amir saeedfar
Professionalism at its finest. If you like correspondence via emails, and I do. My Author Guide is responsive and is very knowledgeable about the process. I just finished my second book with the company; I wouldn't go anyplace else. CaryPress is available by phone also, if that is your style. I paid for expedited services ($199.00) for both my memoir and the first book was released within 3 weeks of paying the fee. I submitted my memoir online, once I paid for services, the entire process is handled online. After the book was formatted, a sample copy was sent and I was able to read the book from start to finish and fix/correct any errors. Once submitted the corrections were made, and another sample of the book was sent. I was able to make more correction if needed. This is the final step, and the book will be ready for print. Like I said 100% professionalism. Namaste, Judith


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