Our Story

We officially started in July of 2013 when we decided to create a company that was different than what we had experienced in the book publishing industry.

John, having published his books through Outskirts Press, was not happy with the canned responses, being passed from one project manager to another and a very long book production process. Amelia, on the other hand had different set of grievances against Xilibris, where she had published more than one book: high cost, difficult customer service and confusing way they did business. So looking at the complaints we heard our clients and business partners voice against big publishing companies, we felt we can use those common complaints as the guide to light up our path on how we could differ as a publishing service provider.

Since then we have branched out into several other services related to book publishing, including ghostwriting and book marketing.

Laura (Lori) Robinson

Lori is our interim CEO, and comes with extensive experience with managing literary companies. As a native of St. Louis, Missouri, she also brings onboard a shared love of slow-smoked barbecues and thick sauces.

She has a bachelors from UNC in English and Comparative Literature and MBA from Walden University.

When Lori is not busy at work, she loves to spend as much time as possible with her family and chase tornedoes back home.

Alexandria White

Alexandria lives in North Carolina. She always has been passionate about books. She remembers as a little girl that for her birthdays all she wanted was books on her wish list. Now that she is all grown up, working with a book/publishing company is a dream come true. Alex mainly handles administrative aspects of client’s VA requests.

Ziqah Maria

Her two big loves: books and chocolates. Uhh, add one more love in there: her fiance, Derek. Ziqah not only handle the project management of each campaign for our clients but also assists with execution of marketing strategies.

Some Reasons About CaryPress Books That Make Us Different

1. Quick publishing process: 8 weeks or less

2. One project manager for each client: from start to finish

3. Being personable: no canned responses/emails

4. Reasonable prices

5. Giving authors an option to take over the reigns of their marketing: by coaching them on how to do this on their own. Authors love control over their creative work, so they should be allowed to make a decision to outsource 100% of their book marketing to a company like ours, do it 100% on their own or any other ratio of outsourcing in between.

6. Diverse book marketing options: from bookmarks, author websites to book signing event scheduling

Now we have grown into a small group of writers, editors, illustrators and marketers, who have banded together to help authors fulfill their dream of making their book come alive and reach the hearts of their fans.

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Washington, DC. and London, UK – March 2020 – The Right Write, Inc and CaryPress Books today announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement to create CaryPress International Books, to continue expansion into Europe and UAE, as well as serve existing clients in those markets.

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