Memoir & Non-Fiction Book Writing Coach

If you don’t know where to start, we have a book writing program geared especially towards helping you.  The time-frame we aim at getting this accomplished is 90 days or less, including editing and publishing. Fees is $100/week – 6 minimum sessions. Or you can choose a package of 12 sessions with a publishing package included.

1. Minimum, 6 weekly sessions.  Includes phone interviews, progress review, critique and assignments;

2. Help with the whole book writing process from main title to back-of-the-book summary;

3. Developmental editing;

4. Guidance on helping you market your book once it is published;

Ready to begin your memoir writing? Sign up here. 


Ilse Strand. “Thank you for helping with my memoir. It is beautiful!”

Sarah McKeever, “I have been through so many painful trials through my life and my memoir has helped me bring a lot of healing already.”

Jennifer Ross, “Thank you for helping us articulate our emotions into words worthy of publishing.”

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