Lena Carls moved, and now she is the new girl. She can manage to get people to like her, but can she get people to like, each other?

Read to find out!





Hey! My name is Enioluwanimi Solaru. Long! I know right! That’s why you can just call me Eni!

I was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, in the United States and I currently live in Crofton, Maryland right now! My birthday is May 29. I like to have a party on my birthday! Do you? I have two sisters! Oreoluwa and Temiloluwa (Ore and Temi). I like to read and write in my free time, and I like to write the Lena Carls series because it’s my way of talking to kids of all ages! Through stories!  I hope you enjoyed the book! Keep reading, and remember, today’s readers, are tomorrow’s leaders!


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