Hire Someone to Write a Book

Writing a book can be a complicated process. It requires a certain level of commitment, time, and resources. Writing is a skill that can be difficult to master, and even if you succeed in putting your nail-biting novel, mesmerizing memoir, or medical book masterpiece on paper, do you have the expertise to go through the editing process? The editing stage is crucial to changing your words from a rough draft to the end result and should not be skipped over. What about the publishing process? Do you know how to navigate the choppy waters of publishing, distribution, and marketing? But before even thinking about publishing, it probably would be less stressful if you hire someone to write a book.

Hiring a writer for your book isn’t hard. It only takes an internet search such as “hire someone to write a book” to reveal a flood of results. But even though there are many options available to hiring a writer to pen your book, are they good choices for you?

Popular options include hiring an independent freelancer or going on a freelance marketplace platform to browse a plethora of potential candidates with varying degrees of experience, all of whom describe their writing skills in glowing terms. They charge varying prices depending on their level of experience, the book’s length, and other factors. You may think you’re getting a good bargain by choosing the cheapest writer. Or that you’ll get a bestselling book if you pick the writer who charges the most. Neither may be the case.

The trouble with independent freelancers or freelance marketplaces is that a good quality manuscript is not guaranteed. You may end up having to do a lot of re-writing yourself when the project is done. You should carefully check the freelancer’s credentials and reviews and request writing samples. You risk spending a lot of money on a project that might fall apart or produce a sub-par result. You have to be careful because there are always those who exaggerate their experience or provide other misleading information. Plagiarism is also a big concern.

Many freelancers have other jobs, and writing is only their side hustle. While there is nothing wrong with that, you want assurance they are good writers and dedicated to your project. It’s a concern if their full-time job or lack of experience causes delays, missed deadlines, or a lackluster book.

Sure, the writer you choose may have published articles or books. They may work full-time in a job like advertising, where their primary task is writing. But are they the right writer for you? Do they have experience writing in the correct genre for your book? Just because someone is good at ad copy doesn’t mean they can write a 300-page horror novel. Or because they are a blogging fiend with their own website doesn’t prove they can craft your how-to book on fishing in the folksy but informative tone you want it to have.

Will your ghostwriter be available to connect from time to time to give you progress updates? Are they the kind of person who will reach out to you to show you pages they’ve written to get your feedback? Do they have the personality agreeable to working closely with you and patiently addressing your concerns?

A professional writing agency like CaryPress is a better choice. Other writing companies are very cookie cutter – you fill in your requirements without even consulting with anybody from the company, they spit out a quote and send you the manuscript at the deadline. But if you want a company that cares, listens, works collaboratively with you, and offers reasonable rates and packages, CaryPress is a reputable leader in the writing and publishing industry. Their writers have the passion and empathy for memoirs, the know-how and research tools for medical books, and the curiosity and creativity to bring characters to life in novels and children’s books.

CaryPress has end-to-end experience with custom writing, professional editing, book design, marketing, fulfillment, and distribution. If you want a polished manuscript ready for publication and have decided you need to hire someone to write a book, let that someone be CaryPress. They are the book lifeline you need and deserve.