The rabbit smiled and carefully replied, “Every rabbit can talk, but only a few humans take the time and make the effort to listen!”

Come along to see the adventure of learning with the young boy and his mysterious rabbit who teaches him eight great lessons.

About the author:

As the oldest of 10 children, Bill McKenzie has been helping, teaching, coaching, leading, and inspiring others his whole life.  Having worked in many cultures and industries, he has always strived to guide others in their individual pursuits of full and enriching lives.

For the past 16 years, Bill has helped over 10,000 students prepare for their PSAT and SAT college entrance exams. Through private lessons, in-school workshops, and specialized summer camps he has helped to enable thousands of students to earn the scores they deserve and receive millions of dollars in financial assistance.

He has supervised and guided interns at world-class recreation facilities.  He has coached young athletes in the college environment to help them experience the joys of winning and losing while earning their degrees.

Bill wrote this book so that parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents could read this story to their children and grandchildren and share with them its lessons of motivation, leadership, and maturity.