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Caco’s Character – They Give So Much, Yet Ask For So Little by Brittany McNair

About the Book:

What happens when one of the worst things you fear becomes your reality? What do you do with that truth? How do you manage all that entails? Caco’s Character is a uniquely personal and vulnerable, non-fiction book for any pet lover to experience their worst nightmare, and confront those intensely passionate emotions with recognition, understanding, and the complex navigation through grief.


Anyone who has ever faced guilt and grief associated with losing someone extremely close needs a book that not only integrates deep-seated perspectives from parties involved but also provides a common yet rare viewpoint into an extraordinary situation. Caco’s Character produces an unfortunate reality moment-by-moment, in the rawest and honest form, comprising every affected facet; Utilizing a detailed event timeline, color-picture references, a complete emotional account, and collaborative firsthand recollections from the individuals who know him best. This book offers a powerful enduring narrative on a highly sensitive and rather difficult encounter– Allowing for a necessary and relatable conversation, in hopes to eliminate the feeling of desolation, while embracing the overall resounding message.


About the Author:

Brittany was born in New Jersey and grew up in a large family where pets were always present. Therefore, pets became an essential part of her family dynamic, which still persists today.

Caco’s Character constructs a detailed timeline of her physical, mental, and emotional accounts, revealing vulnerability and possible causes from a grieving mother’s standpoint. A mother’s testament is her own, fitting only for her to recite.

To learn more about Brittany, please visit www.BrittanyMcNair.com


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