Author Virtual Assistant – AVA

Price: $250/month

Option details:

Do you need help arranging book signings? Setting up a web presence?

Researching your author competition? What you need is help with establishing your author platform and generate book sales consistently, month-after-month.

Hire your own VA today!

Every author has a dream for success. For some that dream means being able to leave their 9-to-5 job behind and spend the rest of their life writing. For others it means helping other people and making a difference in the world.

Wherever you stand, you will soon realize that in order to reach these goals, you have to start selling your book. The thing is – you don’t want to get trapped in all of the details. You just want to get back to your passion – writing.

What if you could find someone who could relieve you and give you time back to start doing what you love. What if that person was also as passionate about marketing books as you are about writing them?

That’s what an author VA can do for you – handle any and all of the details related to selling your book.

What can an author VA help with?

  • Developing a Web Presence – You have an option to start with a free author website or blog set up. We use WordPress to develop mobile-responsive website that are easy for authors to update themselves. We also handle domain name registrations, hosting and a walk through so that you can take over when you are ready.
  • Google Analytics – As an author we need to know how many potential readers are coming to your website to engage with your content. The analytics shows not just traffic data but also answers questions like: how many people are coming to your website? Where are they coming from? Which webpage do they exit from?
  • Web Content Development – We can help you create text and visual content that makes it easy for your potential reader to find you on search engines.
  • Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research and SEO – You need to know how many books are out there competing for same pool of potential readers with your book. We do book competition analysis, research terms that we can help you develop text content for and optimize your web presence to beat your book’s competition.
  • Social Media – Set up and management for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and others.
  • Assistance with Marketing Campaign Lead Follow Up – You’re a busy author and lead follow up isn’t on your agenda. We can help you with these and make sure you reach your leads while they’re HOT.
  • Soliciting book reviews
  • Contacting local bookstores
  • Improving your Amazon tactics
  • Book video
  • Business cards or bookmarks
  • And TONS more!

Our experienced author VAs have lots of experience with helping published authors manage their marketing and others tasks.

Want to know if an author VA can help? You can start with a $99, 1-week trial that includes:

  • A 30-minute phone session where you discuss the goals you’ve set for your book
  • Receive actionable advice and
  • A customized initial marketing plan.

Don’t postpone your freedom – hire your own author VA today.

A small sample of who we have served as VAs for:
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