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Memoir – Karma Deception

About the Book

What if a psychic told you that you were destined to have the kind of love about which stories are written But not until you re ready. What if she was right? As a teen mom, already ass-branded by one husband both domineering and dense as meat locker beef, Elaine stutter-stepped to independence via jobs typing letters and dialing phones for a series of mouth-breathers who believed a woman’s place was under the desk, spit-shining their assets. A couple of decades later she had, by god, scratched out a role in the corporate testicle festival where she earned fat, man-size paychecks. But her personal life was a dispiriting trail of relationship roadkill, her heart as tough as armadillo hide. Her one faithful love walked on four legs and woofed for his breakfast. Desperate for a peek at her future Elaine consulted an astrologer-psychic. Allie B fanned out her Tarot cards, did her California woo-woo thing and prophesied unimaginable love.

Enter Jake Kingston. Internationally acclaimed surgeon with a 100-acre ranch in the wine country, two Ferraris in his several garages, and enough love-life failures to make them as compatible as a Brazilian wax and a can of whip cream. Was Jake the key to the love she sought? Yes. But in a way no one ever could have foreseen. “KARMA DECEPTION and a Pair of Red FERRARIS: A Memoir” is Elaine’s spiritual journey to believing herself worthy of love. A journey that involves a karmic pact with a lover who broke her heart, a dumpster dive into the hurts and betrayals of the past; and, finally, finding the courage to open her heart and give the kind of love she so yearned to receive. With her sassy, Lone Star attitude and a combination of raw, honest insight and self-deprecating humor, Elaine Taylor will have you laughing out loud as often as she breaks your heart.

About the Author

Elaine Taylor is a former IT headhunter and Contingent Workforce Management consultant to Fortune 500 companies. She previously served on the Board of Raphael House, a shelter for homeless families in San Francisco. She teaches Story Structure through OLLI at Duke University in North Carolina, where she lives with her husband and two highly indulged Weimaraners. “KARMA, DECEPTION and a Pair of Red FERRARIS: A Memoir” is her only work of creative nonfiction. Find her at www.KarmaDeception.com”


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