Benefits of Getting a Medical Book Ghost Written for a Medical Professional

In today’s world, “writing skill” has been placed on a scale where it can literally determine the success or failure of an entire book; regardless of what the book is trying to communicate. The importance placed on the writing skill or the writing style of a book cannot be overemphasized. In essence, “writing skill” is usually the determinant factor in the success of a book.

A ghostwriter is someone hired to author a book that another person will be given credit for. In other words, the works of a ghostwriter are officially credited to the person hiring such a writer. Getting one’s thoughts down clearly in written language can be really difficult, and when intending authors seem to struggle with the written word, it is up to a ghostwriter to convey in written form the thoughts of the intending author of a book.

Whenever a person wants a book written, questions like “what is the point of writing a book if people cannot relate?” or “what does sloppy writing say about the author?” come to such a person’s mind. These and many more are reasons why it is safer to hire a ghostwriter, especially when the intending author seeks professional and skilled writing.

A medical professional who is determined to publish a medical book has to go through the vigorous process of writing such a book. In this regard, there are many factors to note when one intends to write a book, especially about a particular field. Whether it is the correctness of the information contained in the book or the level of communication required by the author to pass across to the readers through the book. In order for a medical professional to successfully write a book that can communicate its content to the appropriate audiences, such medical professional has to be skilled in writing which most likely is not usually the case.

Hiring a ghostwriter saves the author a lot of time. Such time can be used to focus on other needed tasks like research work.  The author only has to worry about the quality of research and information to be passed across while the writer is saddled with the responsibility of communicating the author’s mind, especially in situations where getting thoughts down clearly will be difficult for the author. A writer also speeds up the process of getting the book out there to be published.

Another benefit of hiring a ghostwriter is that they are usually professionals. Most ghostwriters spend their entire working hours doing one thing and one thing only – writing. Writing is a profession the same way medicine is a profession, and a medical professional should not expect to have the same degree of writing skill that a professional writer would have. A ghostwriter, unlike a medical professional who might be an expert only in his field of study, understands that for a book to effectively communicate, it must be concise, comprehensible, clear, and coherent. These are the four C’s for effective communication, which might be difficult for a medical professional to grasp fully. This, therefore, emphasizes the need for a medical professional to hire a ghostwriter. An author might have the best ideas about a product or service within a profession. Still, such authors may fail to communicate why such a product or service should be preferred when compared to others and when this happens, such authors would not scale as much as they wish simply due to the poor conveyance of their thoughts. However, a good ghostwriter has honed their skill in such a way that they help the author enhance their thoughts and voices through the art of writing.

Also, a good ghostwriter knows SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In these times, almost all contents you see in the hardcopy format now have a softcopy format. And once it is in the softcopy format, it can be found on any search engine like Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. A true ghostwriter is trained in SEO and knows how to not only write engaging and quality content but how to make sure this content is found online.

A medical professional’s career progression and the entire medical world is more connected and dependent on ghostwriting than they would like to admit.

Do you know that;

  • International medical and health societies like the ISPAD, FIGO, and even WHO depend on professional ghostwriters for their medical publications?
  • In the event of a pandemic, as was experienced with COVID-19, professional ghostwriters are as important as any medical official to translate complicated medical explanations into a language that is more understandable to the common public?
  • Over 40% of most international Medical journals such as the BMJ Global Health, Central Asian Journal of Global Health, and lots more are ghostwritten?
  • Pharmaceutical industries depend on professional ghostwriters to write drug prescriptions for their products?

Don’t be shocked. Of course, the quality of the contents is double and triple checked by medical professionals, but their ideas’ strategic collation was achieved through ghostwriting.

In a way, the credibility of a medical professional’s qualification is centered on Ghostwriting. We live in a world where appearance is judged as fact. A properly formatted and strategized idea is automatically taken as a quality one. Even if a medical professional is very capable but unable to properly and chronologically organize his idea into words. Publishing any sort of work would be more of a career killer than helpful.

Lastly, a ghostwriter is authentic. A good ghostwriter works closely with their clients, pinpointing the voice of such clients and conveying it all through the book. It can be likened to transcription. The ghostwriter transcribes a client’s thoughts for easy understanding and much more quality content.

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