What You Should Know When Looking for a Ghostwriter

Before you begin looking for a ghostwriter for your writing project, you need to understand some basic things about ghostwriting to make an informed decision. For those who are not even sure what a ghostwriter is, a simple definition is that a ghostwriter is someone who is hired to write something on behalf of someone else.

The finished work will be completely owned by the person who paid the ghostwriter, and that person will be credited as the author of the work.

The ghostwriter doesn’t have any claim to the work they have written for the author. Hence, the term “ghost” describes someone who is behind the scenes.  They are virtually a ghost, but not in a scary way! In fact, the ghostwriter is a friendly ghost, who has agreed to work with you to produce the best material for you, the author, that they can.

The author (you) can do whatever you like with the finished product. You can publish it as an e-book, paperback, or hardcover. If it’s a blog, you can post it on your website. You can even make changes after the project is done to any or all of the material – shuffle words around, remove paragraphs, change character names, or rewrite it entirely. The author has free rein to sell the product as it is, in a revised form, or not sell it at all. Maybe you want a coffee table book for only your use. After the ghostwriter’s job on the project is completed, you are the sole owner of what has been produced.

A ghostwriter can be hired for many different types of writing projects, such as writing a two-sentence blog post, thirty-page how-to manual, or chunky novel. They can pen a children’s book, memoir, or sales letter. You also can have as much input as you want during the writing process. Some people prefer giving the ghostwriter a lot of creative control; others might bring several ideas, research, or a detailed draft into the project.

Now that it’s clear about what a ghostwriter is and what they can do, how do you go about looking for a ghostwriter?

There are several ways to find a ghostwriter. You could ask for a recommendation from a friend or family member. If you know someone who is a writer, you can approach them with an offer. But make sure you and the writer have a written contract clearly stating all the terms of the project and with you fully owning the copyright.

The most common way when looking for a ghostwriter is to search online, where you will quickly find there are many options.

Many professional ghostwriters have their own websites showcasing their writing skills. Some ghostwriters offer their services on freelance marketplaces. You should carefully vet independent ghostwriters and freelancers by studying their qualifications and customer reviews. Check if they have experience in the type of writing you need and request writing samples.

It is not easy to determine if a freelance ghostwriter can deliver what they promise since there is the chance of someone you don’t know making misleading claims. You should interview and compare a few writers to see who seems compatible in terms of their willingness to fulfill your project goals, maintain your voice, and work with your deadline requirements. You should also agree on how regularly or infrequently you want to be updated on the project.

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