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Virgo Soul Cookbook – By our hands, from our hearts, to your hearths by Bre-ana Newell

About the Book:

As she turns ninety-three years old, Gladys Ross and her 4 sisters have created a legacy through Hillsborough, North Carolina. As the youngest sister, Geri Ross created their first stamp of their legacy called “ opah carolina kitchen” was the first restaurant in new york and it was a hit. Eventually years later Gladys was blessed with a granddaughter who felt the same way about the love of southern food. Breana Newell has thrown down in the kitchen using her history of her grandmother and her ancestors to her own culinary twist. The book features over 100 recipes such as pork baked beans, southern fried chicken, sweet potatoes, tuna casserole, pound cake, pecan pie, heavenly waffles, salmon croquettes, seafood, steak , chicken, beverages, desserts , vegetables and kids quick dinners.

About the Author:

Breana Newell is a model, multi entrepreneur who has a rising consulting company for small business start-ups and management. In her spare time with a soulful love for cooking and growing her fan base through social media by showing delicious food videos she decided to create a living legacy for her grandmother who is 93 years old and whose family helped create this down south country basic but fun cookbook. The recipes have been passed down generations from family members of our past ancestors and the author who grew a love for southern cuisine at a young age while visiting her grandmother every summer in the country roads of hillsborough Nc. The book will highlight her grandmother’s best quick country smackin recipes and the legacy of the Ross Henderson Cole family dishes.



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