‘Tis the Season to Write Holiday Books

When it’s currently sweltering outside and your brow is beading with sweat, the last thing you’re thinking about are the end-of-the-year holidays. But just like department stores put their swimwear displays out months before summer hits, and winter jackets start showing up on the racks in late summer, you should start thinking about writing your holiday-themed book now.

Why? Because you’ll need plenty of time to plan, pen, revise, polish and publish your masterpiece. With the help of CaryPress writers and illustrators, you can have an amazing book ready in time for the holiday of your choice.

The holidays are ripe for cookbooks.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas are special occasions for enjoying great meals with friends and family. Cookbooks are big sellers at any time, but they are especially popular around the holidays. Thanksgiving is THE season for food. People are chowing down on the day of and feasting on leftovers well into the next week. What are your ideas for making the perfect bird? Perhaps you have some delicious all-vegan suggestions. Care to share some of your “secret” family recipes? Christmas cookies are beloved by all – you could devote an entire book on baking cookies alone. Maybe your recipe for the dreaded fruitcake is not dreadful at all! People will need help with cooking everything from apples to zucchini.

Holiday books don’t have to only be about food and cooking. What about trying your hand at a spooky Halloween story for kids? A ghostwriter and illustrator can turn your scary dream into a frightfully fun children’s book. Are you good at sewing or decorating? If you make a start now, you could have your book of clever costume ideas or haunted house party decorations on virtual or real bookstore shelves in time for Halloween.

Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise your family and friends with your memoir as a unique Christmas gift? Perhaps you can create a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book about the history of Hanukkah.

When it is cold outside, people love to cozy up with a good book. A holiday-themed romance or mystery novel would be timely: A couple has a meet-cute when their sleds collide on a snowy hill; or, a prize-winning pumpkin pie goes missing. Your memoir could relate the story of how you spent Christmas in a foreign country or the first time you had to cook Thanksgiving dinner for your new in-laws. Your book doesn’t have to deal with a particular holiday; it can be season-related. For instance, if you have home improvement skills, you could author a how-to guide on weather-proofing a house during the cold, snowy months. There are so many holiday and seasonal stories to be told.

Looking ahead to New Year’s Day – maybe your talent is concocting innovative drink recipes (non-alcoholic, gut-healthy, good-bacteria smoothies, anyone?). On the self-improvement side, the new year is an opportunity to learn, grow and enhance our lives.  Maybe you have a book in mind about starting a business, getting out of debt, saving and investing, or other ideas that can help others make a fresh new start in a fresh new year. Do you have ideas about healthier cooking, better eating habits, or an inspiring exercise program?

Think ahead about a book you could get published before the next big holiday. Even looking as far as next summer – a Fourth of July barbecue grilling book is ready to be created by you. It’s a smart idea to have more holiday-focused and seasonal books in the pipeline.

So, get your candy corn recipes ready!