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Terms of Service and Author Bill of Rights

Your decision to work with CaryPress constitutes your acceptance of our terms. CaryPress is a publishing service provider offering the services listed on the CaryPress’ Pricing pages. The prices for these services may be amended from time to time by CaryPress.


A) Author Rights and Obligations

As an author with CaryPress, you will:
1. Be assigned an Author Manager as your main point of contact until 30 days after publication (Premium Authors). All subsequent communications will be through our post-publication support form.
2. Retain 100% of the rights to your material and any ISBNs we assign to it.
3. Have 100% control over the file-creation process.
4. Receive 100% of the net proceeds earned on the sale of your material.
5. Have the right to withdraw your material from sale with us at any time for any reason.
6. Have the ability to order your book at its Author Copy cost and have us ship to destinations worldwide.
7. Have assurance we will never share your manuscript or other intellectual property with any third parties, other than our retail and wholesale partners.
8. Warrant to us that you own or control the necessary rights to your material and will indemnify us for any costs connected with any claim inconsistent with this warranty, and/or any other claims that may arise from the publication of your material.
9. Reimburse us for any negative royalty balance due to returns within 30 days in accordance with our Returns Policy.
10. Understand that modifying or replacing files once a book has been published may result in your book becoming temporarily unavailable to our retail partners until the new files have been validated and approved.
11. Your approval of files is considered an acknowledgment of satisfaction, including your approval of any front cover designs, sample layouts, and/or illustration sketches.

B) Author Code of Conduct

When working with CaryPress, you agree to:
1. Be respectful and professional in all communications.
2. Not engage in abusive, harmful, or offensive language.
3. Consolidate emails whenever possible.
4. Designate a single spokesperson if your project has multiple contributors.
5. Abide by our production timelines and understand your responsiveness and the complexity of your project will affect these timelines.

C) CaryPress’ Rights and Obligations

1. We reserve the right to refuse any manuscript and/or remove from distribution any book that:
1. Expresses hate or encourages violence towards a person or group based on something such as race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.
2. Is involved in any type of legal dispute with a third party.
2. We reserve the right to terminate our relationship with you for violations of our Author Code of Conduct. In the event of termination, all files will be returned to you, and you will not be precluded from republishing.
3. Our distribution service has been rendered once we have made available and delivered your material to our retail and wholesale partners. If your material is rejected or delayed by any partner for any reason, CaryPress will have no liability to you.
4. Our Author Copy service has been rendered once we have delivered your books to a reputable mail carrier. If your books are lost, damaged, or delayed during transit, CaryPress will have no liability to you.
5. We reserve the right to modify our printing costs within 30 days’ notice to you on our website or via email.
6. We reserve the right to modify this Agreement with provide notice to you on our website or via email.

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Shannon HaywoodShannon Haywood
13:28 03 Sep 23
As a first time author, I did not know anything about the publishing process, and these guys walked me through every step. I always had a million questions and the answers came quickly. Ry was great to work with. The final outcome of my book, Hope Flies High, was absolutely beautiful exceeded my expectations. I hope to work with them again in the future.
Neeraj KumarNeeraj Kumar
15:00 29 Dec 22
I can not say enough about how wonderful Carypress publishing company was to work with! They were fantastic! My author manager Maggie Bassett guided me through it all with such expert knowledge. Being a first-time author and technology challenged, she guided me with such patience and grace! I highly recommend this publishing company!!
Louis WellmanLouis Wellman
15:59 17 Nov 22
Loved everything about CaryPress International Books of Charlotte. My editor was fantastic, my books were published in a timely fashion and my experience was outstanding.


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