Spiritual Ghostwriter – The Myth of Me

About the book:
The Myth of “ME” is a handbook, a workbook, a meditation, a contemplation….The purpose of this book is to act as a wakeup call to all of the sleeping humans that require an increase in awareness to directly experience who they truly are…and aren’t.

The journey begins with a brief look at what “ME” is and how it creates a state limitation and fear for individuals that grasp
at this illusory sense of self as their true nature. We will then explore how “ME” creates and grasps identities, which it wears to mask it’s pain and confusion, as it hides in the shadows. Finally, we will engage in the process of dissolving the false sense of self called “ME”, and allow ourselves to walk out of the cage of social conditioning, which limits us and causes us unnecessary suffering. When “ME” is, at last, seen directly as a mind creation that is merely our imagination gone awry, we are able to live life fully, peacefully, and clearly.

About the author:
In 1987, I became spiritually aware, which led to the beginning of a journey as a ‘seeker’ of truth. I began a meditation practice during this initial stage of the transformation process, and read every spiritual and philosophical book I could get my hands on. During the next few years, I had several profound metaphysical experiences, and these deepened my desire to explore my own inner terrain.

I continued to read and meditate regularly for the next several years, and eventually became a meditation instructor and a speaker on many metaphysical topics. I am currently the President of the Theosophical Society in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and I regularly facilitate meditation groups there that emphasize calming our mind, and gaining insight into the workings of the thought process and emotions. The Myth of “ME” is my first book and it’s content has been directly influenced by the experiences I have had, and from information shared at many of the meditation groups and lectures I have engaged in.


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