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On the Renal Diet: Cooking and Eating Easy by Erica Amber Hatcher

Dietary lifestyle is often the source of renal complications. However, I know how difficult it is for patients to adjust to restrictive aspects of the renal diet. There is nothing like the feeling of comfort from down-home cooking! Why should a renal lifestyle change take away this pleasure? It shouldn’t and it won’t! This is why I created a cookbook to help renal patients continue to enjoy their favorite foods…with a twist! All of the recipes in this resource were modified in my kitchen with a pinch of passion. They have also been tried and tested at recipe showcases where I would seek feedback from my patients who were willing to share their thoughts. They have given their stamp of approval! I now have the chance to showcase the recipes with a broader audience in my recipe book. Enjoy!

About the Author: I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia State University with a major in Dietetics. My initial interest was to study nursing. However, several conversations with my academic adviser prompted my interest in the study of dietetics. I discovered that this discipline was about more than just food. It was about the science of nutrition and its impact on overall health. Furthermore, I learned of the wide variety of professional organizations where dieticians practiced that included hospitals, public health settings, sports organizations, and outpatient clinics. My new interest converted into a passion for renal health. Upon completing my dietetic internship, I was excited to secure a position on the final rotation in the dialysis unit. Since then, I have been working closely with renal patients to help them through daily struggles. I have learned so much from my patients over the past 15 years, and my passion for renal health continues to grow strong.

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