Memoir Ghostwriter – Little Angle Falls

About Little Angel Falls: This is a story very near and dear to my heart.  The experience that I had as a writer when I wrote the novel was amazing.  My hope is that the reader’s experience is just as awesome.  I fell in love with my characters, Rachel and Jacob so much that I waited a week to write the ending just to hold on the feeling that I had.  I hope you fall in love too!!

Rachel Morrison and Jacob Cleary are falling kids in the fallen, post-lapsarian world of 1999.  In a time in history when things are both beginning and ending, the things that have fallen through the cracks of society are her children.  Rachel and Jacob fall from grace and at the same time fall in love with each other.  How far would you go for love?  How far is too far?  Is it more important to save your life or your soul? Can love really change everything?  Watch their love unfold in a story that is dark and gritty, but also resplendent with the beauty of what it means to truly be alive. Fate and the trajectory of lives collide in the last days of high-school, in the transition of an era.  Everyone is trying to recreate Eden, no matter how fleeting that time in paradise will last. If we know that Eden never lasts, why are we still so compelled to try to find it?  Is love the only thing that survived once Adam and Eve were banned from the garden? Two kids figure out their own unique way to escape the turmoil of the lives through love and drugs. They face the horrors of life in the form of mental-illness, death and disease. Like everything in a cyclical world, their actions are both right and wrong.  Impacting their generation, Rachel and Jacob become martyrs of their age so that other individuals and society can learn from their fall.

photoAbout Sarah: I am twenty-nine years old.  I live in Eastern North Carolina with my husband and daughter, where I grew up.  I am also an English Major at East Carolina University. I lived in Virginia Beach for nine years after I graduated from high school, but moved back south to be near family and to pursue my career as a writer and student. I have been writing since I was four years old (so my mom says) and have an unparalleled love of the written word.  When I was fifteen I started writing short-stories and poetry.  I wrote Little Angel Falls in the summer of 2011, from March to August. My favorite novel is East of Eden, by John Steinbeck.  Some of my other favorite authors are also: Ernest Hemingway, John Milton, Thomas Hardy, William Shakespeare, Aldous Huxley, William Blake and Jim Morrison.  I am a huge Doors fan. If I could travel back in time, I would definitely pick the 1960’s in America to check out!  I also love fashion, film, tennis and running.

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