I Need a Ghostwriter for My Book

“I need a ghostwriter for my book!”
If you’ve ever uttered those words, take a look
At the stories below of people with dreams
Who discover getting published isn’t as hard as it seems
From how-to guides to books in the medical profession
From memoirs to novels to a children’s story collection
A ghostwriter is someone who’ll work closely with you
To bring to life your ideas from your point of view…




My name is Josh, and I’m twelve years old
I really love reptiles, if truth be told
I want to write a book about my special pet
Who has been my bestie from the moment we met
He’s a bearded dragon whose name is Larry
I want my book to show people he’s not very scary
And that most lizards are actually pretty cool
Despite the bad rap, they are sweet, as a rule
It’ll be a how-to book on their feeding and care
And will show which species are friendly and which to beware
But I need help with the words, and illustrations too
Hopefully, readers will learn to like reptiles as much as I do
I need a ghostwriter for my book!

I’m Amelia, and I’m a doctor, an innovative one at that
I’d like to get a book out on trimming belly fat
I’ve done the research and know my book will be good
But I need help with the writing, so it’ll be easily understood
As I put my ideas on paper, I know my reader is not a fool
But it seems that to understand my words, they need to attend med school
I need my medical book to not sound like an alien language
This whole process is frustrating, causing me much anguish
I need a ghostwriter for my book!

My name is Kathleen, and I have stories to share
I think it’s about time I put my memoir out there
As a mom of seven kids, times were rough
Divorced three husbands and learned to be tough
But my kids and I made it through the storm
I’m so proud of them, myself too, and now joy is the norm
The hard lessons of life had their perks
I realized I was better off not being married to jerks
I’d like to share my story so others will know
No matter your circumstances, you can always grow
Trouble is when I sit down to write
The words don’t come easily, try as I might
I need a ghostwriter for my book!

Hey, I’m Ralph, and I’m a financial whiz
At least I think so, given my successful biz
I really want to publish a business book in my name
To help with my brand, show the world I got game
I’m all about numbers, not the written word
Is there someone who can capture my ideas, make my voice heard?
Neglecting my business would be a crime
So, for writing a book, I simply don’t have the time
I need a ghostwriter for my book!

If it’s not much to ask, I’d like help with publishing, please
I’m a history buff named Casey who is fond of mysteries
I’ve drafted a manuscript with an intricate plot
It needs a bit of editing, some help with pacing, not a lot
The villain’s a headmistress with fierce brows and clipped diction
And there’s a dash of horror in this dark academia historical fiction
I mainly need guidance with the self-publishing part
It seems complicated, and I haven’t a clue where to start
I need help with marketing, sales, and an author website
Someone to take me through the steps of getting everything right
Oh, and I’ll need an interesting title and a good cover design
I’m so excited – I can already see my name on the spine!
My book is quite clever, and I hope it will bring
Lots of book sales, so watch out, Stephen King!
I need a ghostwriter for my book!

Whether you have a whole manuscript or just a vague plan
A ghostwriter can help you polish, edit, develop and expand
They are with you until the project is through
And you’re delighted with a book created by you!