Formatting Options for Your Book and Advantages of Each

Figuring out the correct format for your work can be a big task, and personally listing out the pros and cons of options helps me to make decisions.

Paperback – Physicality and seeing the fruition of our work is especially cathartic when writing a book. Allowing your work into a format where someone down the line could be able to check it out from a library or buy it from Barnes and Noble.

Ebook – Digital is the way of the future, no matter how much we would like to hold onto the smells of bookstores. Increased accessibility for consumers along with easier transport via mobile devices increase opportunities to have your book read.

Audiobook – Advantageous for both longer works and children’s literature. Children love being read stories and with less and less time on their hand’s parents may turn to audiobooks for a helping hand. Increasing the number of formats your work comes in not only allows you to tap into submarkets of the book world but also allows your work to be available to a wide range of consumers. (children, people with no time to read, and those with vision impairments)