About the book: People that we attract to ourselves are not
a coincidence. We exist inward before
we exist outward. Whom we are inward,
reflects who we are outward, forming our
relationships. Human relationships are based
on needs. We have different needs in different
kinds of relationships. Conditions include
emotional, psychological, social, commercial,
financial, and economic needs. These
conditions could be classified into two:
financial and emotional. The dynamism of
connections makes it complex for humanity to
understand the depth of each relationship.
However, a relationship is our road map into
this world.

About the Author

Josephine has written this book to express her knowledge, passion, and experience of homemaking to every family. She is willing to assist any family who wants to take this journey with her. She has a master’s degree in health administration, is married, and has four beautiful children. Becoming a wife and a mother for the past twelve years has become the primary focus of her life. During the day, she writes and creates a beautiful home for her family. She realized that keeping a healthy home is the journey of life and the beginning of new opportunities and adventures. Josephine lives in Fairfax, VA with her family.