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FOR TWENTY DOLLARS IN GOLD – A Story of the Civil War by A. C. “CARL” WARD

About the Book:

Now comes a story of one of American history’s most controversial and tragic events, the Civil War. For Twenty Dollars in Gold is such a story told from the view of a man and his family, all conflicted by circumstances created by others for causes they did not share, all for a war they did not seek.

Follow Private James Ward on this epic journey through American history on battlefields near and far away, with intense victories and tragic defeats providing fleeting glory and ultimate tragedy. The end ultimately resorts in peace and a return to a devastated home with a new life.


About the Author:

A.C. “Carl” Ward is pleased you have visited this site. Carl uses his middle name for his friends because for the first 18 years of his life, he was known as “Red” because of the alarmingly flaming red hair on his head. As he got older and began to work in a grocery store, they said you have to have a name tag. We can’t put “Red” on your tag. You have to come up with a different name. He chose his middle name. Since you are here, Carl wants to consider you a friend. Welcome my friend and I pray you find my story worthy of your short visit with me. Don’t hesitate to to comment. I have over 74 years of learning through the university of hard knocks. I am slow and I am still learning. 



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