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Fiction  – Wicked Nightmare

Fiction – Wicked Nightmare

About the Book It all started with a bad dream; one that came back and haunted Joshua, every night, with the feeling of being chased by some dark, unseen force every time he fell asleep. As his restless nights lead to missed school, avoiding his friends, and a...

Fiction Ghostwriter – Rite of Passage

Fiction Ghostwriter – Rite of Passage

About the Book Seventy years ago, during World War 2, a mistake was made. You wouldn't know about it and probably never will. Our human mind is not capable to handle what is hidden from us, and to tell you would probably give you a ride to the asylum, to  keeping the...

Fiction  – Fate & Destiny

Fiction – Fate & Destiny

About the BookIn the deepest and darkest corners of his mind, a young boy by the name of Seraph struggles to forget his painful memories. His once beautiful home is now a scar to his heart, reminding him of the corrupt government, The Envoys, who have earned their...


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