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Fiction – Fate & Destiny

About the Book

In the deepest and darkest corners of his mind, a young boy by the name of Seraph struggles to forget his painful memories.

His once beautiful home is now a scar to his heart, reminding him of the corrupt government, The Envoys, who have earned their name in a conquest to take over the entire nation. His nightmares continue to infest his thoughts and, though it seems the whole world has turned on him, he finds comfort in one last thing: hope. So long as he and his sister are alive, Seraph’s family will never truly fall to the Envoys.

But what happens when even hope is dispelled? An infamous demon by the name of Threshmundir begins to inhibit Seraph’s very mind, striking a deal. Now, Seraph has the power to seek his revenge, not only experiencing his own painful past, but also plunging himself into the history of the afterlife and uncovering a new enemy: The Angels.

Which justice will prevail: The sake of revenge or the balance between Heaven, Earth, and Hell?


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