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About the Book:

In the far-off land of Wynveria, a nation of cold mountains and spirited warriors, the people that hail from this vast, mysterious region have a strange gift. Populated by people who can trace their ancestry to ancient dragons, they wield the power to transform into dragons themselves. Legends of these Wynverians have led some to seek alliance with them, and others seek conflict. The newest leader of the Wynverians, Queen Zelina Hanari, has taken it upon herself to foster peace and try to do right by her people, unaware that war looms over the horizon as invaders come from a land afar.

The Army of Elustria, led by the warmongering general Raleigh, arrives before too long. The lord of the malicious enemy force is both intent on a challenge as well as reveling in the joy of conquest, even at the cost of the lives of his people and those of Zelina’s subjects. Spurred to action, the queen takes to the field with her army to fight for the sake of her life. She is accompanied by a young man bearing white wings, an emissary and guardian sent by the heavenly nation of Heofonia in response to their own newly-formed alliance. Together, the two of them face the hardship of war while one tries to protect her nation and the other the ruler he is charged with assisting.

While hardship, clashing ideals, and the innumerable risks to her people linger heavily on her mind, Zelina’s friendship with her new ally and her desire to save her people from Raleigh’s madness drive her onward, even at personal cost. Fighting alongside her people and witnessing the ravages of war, Zelina will go beyond the limits of her body and life to find victory.


About the Author: Lorenzo Hall is the author of Dragon’s Domain, and Desert Rain, another novel set in the same universe. A writer, educator, and student of the written arts, Lorenzo seeks inspiration in life, faith, and the imaginations of other creators. Growing up in North Carolina, Lorenzo has been fascinated by stories of all types since his youth, and at age fourteen decided to pursue becoming a novelist. Lorenzo hopes to add his own unique flair to his stories and bring his characters to life through his writing, and to deliver imaginative tales to others who love to read.


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