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Custom Children’s Book for Child Care Center

Educators can make possibilities become realities!

Give your students visibility, accountability, empowerment, safety, and MORE!

Educators impact lives daily, mold thoughts, and unlock talents in children. Writing your own book allows you as a teacher, school counselor, or daycare owner to leave positive, productive “marks”—often remembered for a lifetime—on your students and children.

Since children’s books have a serious job to do: inspire, teach, and entertain children, CaryPress Books takes them seriously. Even though, they can be playful or silly.

How Our Children’s Book Publishing Service Helps You

We Publish Books for Child Care Growth

Why do a few child care businesses grow while the majority do not? What do the top few have in common? They focus on Unique Selling Points (USP). They recognize a fundamental principle: the more parents and children are happy, the more new parents will walk through that door to become a customer.

Many child care owners or directors can find it challenging to think of unique ways to promote their businesses. When you’re so involved in the day-to-day operations, it’s natural to stop seeing things from an outsider’s perspective and appreciate the great qualities of your center that are all around you.

But if you take a moment to open your eyes and really look around, you’ll quickly see that there are so many great qualities about your center that people would be extremely interested in!

Your Story

Parents want to know who will be looking after their children throughout the day so let them get to know you. Take a good look at what has gotten you to where you are today and share this with parents so they can better appreciate all of your experience.

We help you every step of the way: from ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, illustrating, publishing to marketing. 

Illustrations Are A Key Factor When Publishing A Children’s Book 

Illustrating the book is our favorite part as this is where the magic happens and we offer several styles of illustrations to fit the author’s budget; starting from $75/illustration. During the publishing process, we also help our authors choose the right titles and do competitive analysis to ensure their book gets the exposure it needs once published.

Building your Brand


How does a writing a children’s book help build your child care’s brand and elevate your career? There are six different ways a book can help you:

1. Increase Visibility: Books can increase visibility in any number of ways, like making it easier to gain media exposure or raise your profile in your niche.

2. Establish Credibility: Books help you establish authority and gain credibility within your field.

3. Get New Customers & Opportunities: Books can easily help generate new business and other opportunities across a variety of platforms and venues in multiple ways.

4. Speaking Invitations: A book is almost a necessity for becoming a paid speaker, or often, for getting booked for any public speaking at all.

5. Legacy: A book can establish your legacy and pass your knowledge and story on to others.

6. Create Impact: Probably the very best long term way to build your brand is to actually impact others, and there is no better way to scale your impact than to write a great book that really helps other people.

Earn Extra Income

There is more to revenue than tuition income. As we interact with more and more childcare industry leaders, we realize how children’s books can allow us to be creative in the early education industry on finding new ways to differentiate ourselves and how to charge for those differences.


Self Publish Children’s Book Pricing

All of the following packages have the following: ISBN assignment, interior layout, and worldwide book distribution. We can offer monthly payment plans

Books produced through our Children’s Book Publishing Service

Blending: The Adventures of Life and Art by Vanessa Fiore

Blending: The Adventures of Life and Art by Vanessa Fiore

About the BookSometimes we form friendships in the most unlikely places. Sometimes we gain confidence in moments where we feel the most uncomfortable. This is a story of a single father and his daughter navigating life, family and activity that changed it all-ART. You...

The BIG Adventures of Little Dude by Stink Menges

The BIG Adventures of Little Dude by Stink Menges

About the BookWhat does a tiny little dog to do if while out on a walk with his best friend he encounters a frightening creature under the sea? What if that creature tries to eat him in one big gulp? Little Dude, a tiny adorable dog who lives his life exploring the...

Spin & Pudgy – Austin Builds a Monster Truck by Crystal Sessoms

Spin & Pudgy – Austin Builds a Monster Truck by Crystal Sessoms

About the BookAustin loves to build and repair AMAZING Monster Trucks! He built his very own FOOTBALL Body Style Monster Truck, at his family's garage S&P Creations. He named him, "SPIN!" He even built a hippo-style monster truck for his sister, called...

Molly Mae Takes the Stage by Emily Zinniel

Molly Mae Takes the Stage by Emily Zinniel

About the Book:This is the tale of Molly Mae, who was quite the performer in every way. She could sing. She could act. She could dance all around. So it was perfectly natural that on a stage she was found.2,000Authors Helped55Books Ghostwritten820Books Edited511Books...

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