Since the 1960s, Nigeria has experienced one form of insurgency or the other with dire consequences for national security, to the extent that the country is said to suffer from multipolar insurgencies one from the Atlantic and the other from the Lake Chad axis. The book titled “Collaborative Strategies for Counter Insurgency in Nigeria” was inspired by the need to effectively counter terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria through collaborative measures by all stakeholders. It makes a strong and penetrating case for collaborative counterinsurgency in Nigeria. In addition, the book differentiated the terms collaboration, coordination and cooperation underlining the point that though these terms are often used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences among them. It argues forcefully that successful COIN is possible through harnessing the hard, soft, and smart powers available to the military and the nation in general. The book provides some strategies to enhance interagency collaboration in COIN operations in Nigeria. The motivation for writing this book comes from the desire to orchestrate greater synergy and collaboration among various security forces tasked to defeat insurgency in Nigeria. The author’s quest towards contributing to intellectual discourse on COIN also informed his decision to put pen to paper to birth this book. The book took a prolonged period of research and consultations with relevant stakeholders. It is based on extensive review of both published and unpublished literature about counterinsurgency. I commend the book to diverse segments of readers such as military personnel, students of terrorism and insurgency, academics, and general readers because it provides a fresh and incisive perspective on approaches to improve interagency collaboration in COIN operations. The thoughts espoused in this book by the author will remain valid for all men of warfare as a reference material.