Choosing a Ghostwriting Service

I spend quite a bit of time on Quora. It is fascinating to read the kinds of questions people ask. More interesting are the diversity of opinions. I find them quite entertaining.

One such question that is asked often is how to choose the best ghostwriting service? I have answered it a few times, before deciding it would be a great idea to share with our blog readers as well.

This task might be simple but it does have few layers of reviews that need to be done.

Initial Layer: This is the phase when an author is contemplating writing a book themself or hiring one to do it. Even one has decided to outsource mainly the writing part, there are parts that the author would like to exercise creative control over. Do review them so that your expectations are clear when you hire a one.

Middle Layer: Next, review channels you will be using to find and hire a ghostwriter. Some of the often used channels are Google, ghostwriter associations, friends and family, LinkedIn, etc.

If you use Google, it will give the most overwhelming result. Therefore you will need to narrow down your search keywords to qualify the search. For example, are you looking for a ghostwriter with a specific industry background? Or maybe just a spiritual memoir ghostwriter?

Last Layer: After you have had a phone meeting with a few ghostwriters, see which one values long-term professional relationship and building rapport with you.

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