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Children’s Book – Pug A Lug

About the Book

Pug a lug is beautiful train with red, yellow and orange cars. He lives in Chugga lug land with his mother, father, sister and all the other trains.

But Pug a lug has a teeny tiny problem. Can you guess what it is?

He has a great imagination! Why is that a problem?

Well, Pug a lug’s favorite thing to do is race along the tracks looking at flowers. He loves them so much he can’t remember anything but flowers!

So when his mother sends him to buy milk, Pug a lug can only say:

My head is full of flowers

With beautiful colors and hue

I cannot seem to remember

The things I ought to do

When his father sends him to buy cheese, Pug a lug repeats the same rhyme. And when his sister asks for bananas, Pug a lug still can’t remember a thing!

Pug a lug’s family decides to get him some help. So they send him to a wise old bird that lives at “Knicks, knacks & broken tracks” for advice.

Can Pug a lug really learn to remember or will his imagination always get the best of him?

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