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Imagine having access to a set of communication tools you could deploy at any time. This tool kit would increase collaboration and improve the odds of positive outcomes for you and those around you. You now have access to this tool kit, it is called TASK. TASK is an acronym. Each letter represents one of the four TASK tools, the foundations of your Performance Based Communication. Effective communication is successfully transmitting information that is received by others as you intend it to be received. With TASK, you can enter and navigate any relationship with improved outcomes and success. The TASK toolkit will equip you to develop greater aptitude and confidence communicating with colleagues, employees, teams, supervisors, investors and more. As our society migrates from manufacturing industry to service provision, communication becomes the new hot commodity. In this book you will find the tools to help you achieve the positive outcomes you seek. If you manage and cultivate your thoughts and emotions as an athlete manages physical training and competition preparation, then you will communicate at an elevated performance level as well. You too can become a communication champion!

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