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Beauty Book – There’s Food on your Face

About the Book

When I first began writing thehippyhomemaker.com, I was writing for only myself, but as time went on you wrote to me with your many different harrowing stories of life changes you made for a better healthier future for your family and suddenly I was writing for you too. These letters, filled with stories of how I helped to change your lives, really helped to change mine and put a focus on the path that lay before me.

Before you, I had no clear idea of who I was going to become. I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life and where I would throw my passions. Now, two years after starting my blog, I am continuously learning how to pave my own path thanks to the love that you guys have brought me as The Hippy Homemaker. Thank you so much for sticking with me and following along on my family’s conscious journey to a healthier and hippier lifestyle.

Peace, Love, & Hippiness

Christina Anthis

About the Author

 About There’s Food on Your Face – The Hippy Homemaker’s DIY Guide to Natural Health & Beauty: This is Christina Anthis’ first diy book about everything hippy and green. Continuing with the theme that her blog thehippyhomemaker.com follows, There’s Food on Your face is an all-inclusive DIY book filled with delicious recipes to satisfy all of your tastes.

Discover just how easy and satisfying it is to make your own luxurious bath and beauty products that rival the most expensive spa and salon products. Indulge your face in spa quality recipes such as Christina’s famous Hippy Chic Herbal Clay Masks, her daily cleansing grains, and even her moisturizing facial toners, serums, and eye cream. Don’t pay astronomical prices for your night cream any longer, now you can make it yourself!

With Christina’s help, you will be on your way to handcrafting you and your family’s personal body care products. They even make great gifts for your friends and family! Save money on your monthly budget as you learn to make all of your toiletries at home; from toothpaste to body wash and everything in between.

Free yourself from all of the toxic chemical laden beauty products with synthetic ingredients, and find your natural beauty within.  Now, you too can create all-natural nourishing products for your mind, body, and soul; Hippy Homemaker style!

the hippy homemakerAbout Christina: Christina Anthis is a DIY green living blogger on her blog thehippyhomemaker.com. Christina has been writing The Hippy Homemaker for two years, teaching other people how to live a greener, more chemical-free lifestyle. Christina is a wife and mother, and even owns her own Etsy shoppe where she sells all of the homemade goods that she writes about on her blog.

Before she was the Hippy Homemaker, Christina spent a large portion of her life having spinal cord surgeries and recovering from them. Along with all of the back problems she was experiencing, she also found herself ill with many different ailments, almost all of the time. Whether it be from the flu, bronchitis, narcolepsy, or endometriosis, nothing was getting better; only worse. Christina was at her wits end, and had had enough of living in sickness.

After making many conscious decisions to make changes in every aspect of her family’s life, Christina found herself healing and getting better. With every effort to rid her family of toxic chemicals and foods, she began her blog to chronicle her family’s journey through this new hippier world. She went on to study in aromatherapy and herbalism, and is working on her certifications for both.

Today, Christina and her family live happily and healthily in Plano, TX. When she isn’t working on the many things that make up the Hippy Homemaker, Christina likes to hike in nature with her four year old son, meditate, practice yoga, hoopdance, and play nerdy board games with her husband.


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