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Memoir Ghostwriter – Angel

Memoir Ghostwriter – Angel

About the BookThis is the story of a very beautiful angel who was sent to earth by God and Jesus. It is through a dream, by the author, that she comes to Matt with flowers, food, and drink in her hands. About the AuthorJomast B and his wife, Joyce, grew up and spent a...

Memoir  – The Last Round

Memoir – The Last Round

Boxing Memoir - The Last Round The Last Round takes an in-depth look into Julius Fogle's journey, which spans from the day of his birth until the completion of this book in May of 2016. This memoir will touch your soul with its poignancy as well as good-natured humor....

Memoir  – 71 Haven Lane

Memoir – 71 Haven Lane

Memoir Ghostwriter - 71 Haven Lane About the BookLily and Amee are faced with a diversity of situations throughout their lives, but when they meet face to face their connection leads them through a door of many obstacles, possibilities and triumphs . As their...

Memoir  – A Long Way From Home

Memoir – A Long Way From Home

Memoir - A Long Way From Home About the BookWar is Hell. Anyone who has ever put on a uniform and purposefully went to where the enemy was intent on killing him can attest to that. But instead of a singular definition of Hell that religion preaches, war is so much...


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