About the book:

I wrote my story Assassination of a Homeless Man, from my
imagination to your heart. It is an attempt to explore life in
the 21st Century with the mind of the 21st Century to change
our old school’s ideas about life to cope with the 21st
Century technology and a new lifestyle to enjoy short-term
life on Earth.

About the author: Abdelgaffer Elyamani is Sudanese American born in city of
Omdurman in Sudan. Graduate from University of Madras
in India with bachelor of Science Major Zoology. Currently
working as passenger assistance to help people with
disabilities to travel in Denver International Airport for more
than 15 years in a row. Special thanks to the Hampden Press team, 9955 E.
Hampden Ave., Denver, CO 80231, for corrections and
printing my first book