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“A” Water Source Guide for Dowsers by Dale Miller

About the Book:This Guide was developed to present a consistent step by step manageable record system for working with dowsing clients and their requested applications. The Guide starts with initial client contact gathering required information and then proceeds to both map and field dowsing applications.
The Water Source Guide is an exciting way to remove “second guessing” yourself covering all the bases so less mistakes are made. Accurate dowsing records are very important for all clients including residential, farming, commercial, industrial and others.

About the Author: Dale grew up in a small town in northern Pennsylvania.
From a youthful age, Dale loved the outdoors and nature, which taught him insight
and respect for the earth and all living things. Small understandings of nature can
help give one insight into how to better our lives.
Dowsing came along at the age of 19 years old. As a union laborer on a
construction site, Dale witnessed a union plumber walking across the ground with
dowsing “L” rods in hand. After a short walking distance, the rods crossed, at which
point the plumber marked the ground. A backhoe began digging, and at a depth of
three feet a large drain line was found. That was the beginning into the dowsing
world for Dale.
As a member of the American Society of Dowsers, since 1976, Dale has
progressively increased his dowsing knowledge by interfacing with several
generous and great dowsers of the past and present.
Utilizing several dowsing techniques shared by these great dowsers, Dale has
successfully dowsed several hundred water wells for commercial, industrial,
residential, and farming applications.
Dale also teaches tailored dowsing classes and markets handmade “specialized”
dowsing devices.
Dowsing is a true gift, keys to the doors of incredible knowledge. If dowsing is of
interest to you, seek sound mentors, believe in oneself, and practice often.
The rewards are limitless.


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