Trevor is a nine-year-old boy who was born in Albuquerque, NM. He has lived there all his life until one summer, his parents unexpectedly move the whole Family to Ekona, a small town in the S.W. Region of Cameroon, West Africa. Naturally, the place is very different from what he is used to especially at school where a kid comes down with measles on the first day. Trevor and his new group of friends have to race against time to educate the other kids about measles and confront the authorities to take decisive action to prevent the disease from spreading to the whole community. Their experiences will take them through some daring activities as they unveil what it means to grow up as a kid in Cameroon. In Africa, whenever you push a baobab tree, it pushes back and consequences are not always pleasing. This is a tale of intrigue, adventure, fun, and inspiration as these nine-year-olds push the boundaries of what is normally expected of a nine-year-old in Cameroon.