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5 Tips to Hire a Ghostwriter

If you are looking to hire a professional ghostwriter, chances are you fall into two categories:

  1. You lack the time to write the book
  2. You lack the time to learn the writing process

In either case, it would be more cost effective and less time-consuming if you can find someone who can ghostwrite your book.

With 20 years of ghostwriting, editing and publishing experience, here are a few things we wish to share with professional time-lackers, we mean, people looking to hire ghostwriting services:

Tip Number One: Review Your Needs

Do you need a ghostwriter to just help with writing/transcribing or do you wish them to do research as well? These two activities are quite different and can make an impact on who you chose for this task.

Tip Number Two: Request a Sample Session or Two

Usually the ghostwriter will have a package that includes specific number of pages or words they can ghost write for a fixed price. Before you engage the ghostwriter, request a quote for a sample sessions of two. This will give you an idea how you two interact and gauge the success of the project.

Tip Number Three: Get Timeline of the Project

If you have not been given an estimate of the delivery date, find out what the timeline is for the whole project. At the same time, do not plan events for your book before you have a tentative date for the finished manuscript as well as book launch.

Tip Number Four: Beyond Ghostwriting

Your ghostwriter should be knowledgeable about the publishing industry, its currents trends and have existing relationships with professional editors. Trying to find and engage an editor can waste a lot of time so make sure you are confident that the editing process will be smooth and seamless after the manuscript has been written.

Tip Number Five: Marketing Experience

Your ghostwriter should be aware of current trends on book marketing as well so that when the time comes, the author or book marketer does not have to change content in your book to make it easy to market. Think SEO – if done right at this stage, the book will be well on its way to get high ranks on search engines when it is published.

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