Ghostwriting and Manuscript Development Services

At CaryPress, we have writers who can help turn your idea into a finished manuscript quickly and affordably, working directly with you every step of the way.

Our passionate team will work with you to bring your book idea to life. You’ll play an integral role in the process, reviewing every word.
When it’s complete, you can choose to have our publishing division go to work. At the end of the process, it will be your name on the spine of a well-written, published book.

Who Uses a Manuscript Development Service?

Our clients are just like you. They are men and women who have a great idea, but just simply don’t have the time or expertise to put their ideas and thoughts on paper.

Rory is a high-level executive, getting ready for retirement. He wanted to write his life story, with a focus on the lessons he learned working as a Portugese businessman in America. He felt his experiences could really help others. In fact, he had previously written his story in Portugese as two separate books but he didn’t feel he had the time to rewrite the English versions and instead hired us to write his career memoir.

Gabriel hired a ghostwriter since he wasn’t sure how to write a book. The book was important to him because he had suffered through traumatic events and he felt no one really knew the truth about what happened. After battling with the court system and receiving heartache after heartache he finally decided it was time for his side of the story.

Sally had us write an inspirational memoir. It was important to tell her story as part of her healing process. She wanted to share with her children where she came from (Philipines). She also wanted to inspire others with her story; however, she was not sure how to write a book and hired us to help her.

Why Use a Manuscript Development Service?

Our clients want to have their voices heard. They have a story that needs to be told. Using our service guarantees that their ideas, thoughts and experiences will be documented to inform and entertain generations of readers.

Our clients know their books will be crafted by professional writers who know how to make words come alive on the page and communicate their vision.

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What Type of Books Do We Write?

We can create something in almost every genre including memoirs, inspirational, self-help, general fiction, children’s literature and coffee table books.

Non Fiction/How To Guide
Our client wanted us to create her book because she realized that, after years of working in real estate, there is not one book that covers all of the tips or tricks of the profession. So, she decided to create her own. She hired us to put it together because she is incredibly busy, and although she is an excellent real estate agent, she realized she didn’t know how to write a book.

This client was abused by her mother as a young child and is now caring for her ailing mother as her health declines. She wanted to share her story in order to educate others about child abuse and offer hope and encouragement to other survivors. She was not sure where to start and felt overwhelmed by the thought of writing an entire book so she hired us to write her story.

One client wanted to share his journey of finding God with his congregation and help inspire them to have faith in God and themselves. However, he was not sure how to convert his sermons and his life story into a book and felt overwhelmed with the task at hand. He decided to hire an expert to mesh the two ideas into one story.

Another client is a history buff and had a great idea for a story but was not sure how to write it, so he hired us to help. His book is historical fiction.

How Does it Work?

We will work closely with you to develop your idea into a finished book. We will:

• Assign a Story Designer to your project. He or she will interview you to discuss your idea in detail and clarify your vision. The Story Designer will always be a point of contact regarding the completion of the project, but your writer will work with you closely. If an illustrator is necessary, the Story Designer will coordinate the selection of an artist for the project and coordinate the creation of the illustrations.
• A writer will be selected whose background is suitable for your project. Your writer will contact you to set up a series of conversations, held via phone or Skype, so that he or she can gather the information necessary to begin the creation process.
• A Summary, an Outline and a Story Graph will be created and submitted for your review and approval. Upon your approval, the creative process gets going full steam.
• The writer will create Chapter 1, based upon the summary and outline, and then submit that to you for your review. Upon approval of Chapter 1, the writer will move onto Chapter 2, and so on, until you have a completed book!

Do I Own the Finished Book?

You will have complete ownership of the finished book and it will carry your name as the author. Once the book is written, we can also work with you to produce a finished book and bring it to market under a separate agreement.

How Much Will it Cost?

Our fees start at $.32/word; if research is required before working on the manuscript, then hourly rate of $95/hour will apply. Beside the usual manuscript development processes, our price also includes professional editing, and getting the manuscript ready for book production phase.

We also can handle translating your book into any other language at $28/ page.

4 thoughts

  1. Hi,

    My book is about the not so well known myopia epidemic that’s occurring around the world.

    Myopia is currently at epedimics levels in the US and many parts of Asia. It has been increasing at alarming rates for the past 10 years. Eye doctors are not forthcoming to their clients about the dangers that lurk due to overuse of computers. The more myopic a person becomes, the more it increases your chance of having glaucoma, retinal detachments, cataracts; which increases the of having either of these earlier in life that usual. Sadly, it effects our children the most.

    The computer industry does not care because, ostensibly, thier interest lies in profits. And the one group who should care the most and sound the alarm currently has not interest at large because, I fear, low profit potential. Besides, the institutions that produce eye doctors are not making myopia control at large part of their curriculum.

    But there is hope. Since the etiology of myopia is related to genetics, environment and nutrition, a plan can be implemented to, at least, slow down myopia progression in children. Ostensibly, we can not control genetics within this trifecta, but we can make a significant impact by promoting proper nutrition and environmental precautions.

    Also, another quiver in the armamentarium against myopia progression is Orthokeratology. This will be the main tool, within the myopia control system, I will promote and educate the public on.

    As is the case most often … there is more to it than mentioned above. Nevertheless, I hope to create a book – more or less a manual – which shows the public how to take actionable steps to protect their children’s eyes.

    Like I mentioned earlier, I am not a writer. I don’t even know what it takes to be a good writer. I have told myself for years I have 3 to 4 books inside me that need to come out. As someone who had a vision problem that directly prevented me from academic achievement as a child, I feel the world will listen to what I have to say. Especially now that I am an eye doctor (optometric physician), which I think should bring some validity to my message.

    Currently I’m reading a couple books on grammar because as a child I never read a book – literally!! My undetected vision problem (accommodative insufficiency) prevented me from reading.

    Ok, I hope this gives you a better understanding on what I hope to achieve. Im not in a rush. But it would be great to have this book completed first quarter next year (2018). I have no problem committing 1 hr / day (writing) to meet this deadline. The goal is to self publish this manuscript.

    If this project is something you are not interested in due to time, or other, reasons, please point me to other resources that may be of help.

    Thanks for your time,

  2. I have a manuscript, well i wrote over ten books 280 pages long, and i would like more info on ghost writing my manuscript to clean up what i have written.

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