Meet The Team

Margret Bassett, CEO: Maggie’s first passion is academics and she along with her hubby, Robbie have shared this love with their children. Combining that with emanating a publishing company has added more depth to that family passion.

Alexandria White, Publishing Manager: Alexandria lives in Virginia. Always has been passionate about books. She remembers as a little girl that for her birthdays all she wanted was books on her wish list. Now that she is all grown up, working with a book publishing company is a dream come true.

Ivy Kao-Marsh, Managing Partner/Sales Consultant: Ivy divides her life between Kansas and Taiwan with her 7-year-old son and 4-year-old cat, Fufu. As a single mom, she wanted to work from home and needed to focus on few industries that interested her: books or marketing.  Now she gets to combine both.

Amy B. Kapadia, Manuscript developer.

Eddie-ResumePortrait2_635373391480577190_guruImgLarge_ad0d5377-d198-4cc3-9f6b-b606d7447220Edward Hauser, Book Cover Guru: In the late 1900’s, he created works of art in the form of the sandwich at a mall food court in Georgia. But, his love for the classics, the Corvette, Mustang, and Gremlin, drove him to study to become a Mechanical Engineer. Also, being a teenager and not having a clue about what he wanted to be when he grew up played a huge part in that decision. His newest challenge is working on his first novel, a sci-fi adventure about a futuristic musician, who gets stranded on an alien planet while trying to make his way from an outpost of Pluto back to Earth.

Priya Kiran, COO: Priya has a strong financial background. Combine that with cultural sensitivity and that allows her to attract an international clientele looking for help with writing and publishing their book.

Priya has spent a long time in Saudi Arabia as an Indian expat and loves making sure that the companies she care about have sound financial foundation.

Ziqah Maria, Author Representative: Her two big loves: books and chocolates. Uhh, add one more love in there: her fiance, Derek.

DaveDave Baldwin, Publishing Content Guru: If you live in Raleigh and are an active member of the business community, chances are you already know him 🙂


Amelia Foster: Non-profit consulting partner

Mary Grace McCoy: Editor.



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