Don’t You Dare Publish That Book!

….before having a marketing plan for it.

Ahhhh, I feel so relieved now. I had this burden on my chest, listening to so many authors everyday telling me excitedly how they can see their book being the bestseller. Fast forward 3 or 12 months with the same once-starry-eyed-writers transforming into gloomy-eyed-dull-voiced-authors, questioning themselves, what did they do wrong? Why did Life curse them this way that they had such little book sales?

I owe it to them, and to you, to let you know that yes, there was a mistake, not in the book, but how it was birthed prematurely, before its time; it needed a proper arrival with people waiting expectantly for it for weeks or even months before, you the proud parent, I mean, the writer revealed the name of your book.

So if you have another book lurking in your mind or soul, before you bring it into this world, please devote 6-9 months to a combination of the following activities:

1. Cultivating email address list of 5,000 to 20,000 people.

2. Have one central point of online information about you as an author and your books. It can be a blog, but preferably a professional website.

3. Facebook and Twitter are good viable ways of diversify your online presence.

4. Have at least 5 events: local or nationwide that will be part of your book launch.

5. Build a system around your book: program, course, workshop, seminars, webinars, etc. Don’t just promote your book, promote you, your book and the whole system to leverage each other simultaneously.

Author: Alex White

Marketing Director

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