Authorship Ascensions: Book Writing, Publishing and Marketing as a Spiritual Transformation Tool

Seated Young Woman Writing In BookDo you desire deeper spiritual alchemy? Do you feel “something” is holding you back from making progress in life or career? If you answered yes, then you will benefit from this program. The includes:

  • 7 lessons,
  •   2 custom, Reiki attunements to facilitate creative writing process and personalized support to help you, the writer take the path of self-discovery and use the challenges to become a catalyst in transforming your life,

Aside from aiding spiritual alchemy, this course is also helpful for people who are coping with emotional stress. You will learn:

  1. Preparing Your Journal
  2. Ladder of Consciousness and Transmuting Emotions
  3. Meeting Your Guides and Higher Self
  4. Journey to the Center of your Soul
  5. Dividing Your Life into Chapters
  6. Conclusion, Choosing a Healing Title & Book Cover
  7. Private vs. Public & Continue Healing Yourself through Healing Others

Spiritual benefits:

  • Ability to see the Divine in others including yourself,
  • Defining the “unknown” in your Hero’s Journey and what you need to overcome to bring home the holy grail,
  • Ease of forgiving,
  • Feeling the interconnections with everything in the Universe,
  • Seeing yourself beyond the gender roles and cultural identities you felt your were given or were created by you, and much more!

Skills you can hope to gain:

  • Deeper meditations,
  • Ability to connect with spirit guides of your choice,
  • Re-witnessing your Soul’s learning experiences,
  • How to “sync” your ethereal Book of Life with your physical book or journal.

Fees: $81. Each participant gets $100 discount on our Platinum Package from our self-publishing package. Fees can be paid in cash, check or credit card.

Instructor: Durdana Yousuf

Duration: 7-week. Most of this program is taught via emails; there is one on-site class at our office.

Location: 3500 Westgate Dr, Ste 504-H, Durham, North Carolina.

Classes scheduled for:

January 20th, 2016

February 17th, 2016

March: to be decided

Online version of this class is available. Email if you are not in the RDU area and would like to enroll in this program.





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