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You spent hours and hours of writing it and now the moment of truth has come. It is time to make that Word document into a tangible book that you can hold in your hands and maybe even dance around the room with it!

You go to Google and type “novel publishers” and so many listings come up that it is hard for you to make a decision. Which one is right for you and your book?

You open up your Excel sheet to make a list. Once you reach 20, you feel that one of those publishers will be a good fit if they accept your book. So the next Saturday you print out proposals to those 20 publishers and stuff it in 20 large envelopes and take them to the post office.

You wait and days turn into weeks and you get several rejection slips. Feeling of rejection feels like a big, dark cloud over your head and you need to do something about it.  Then you remember that so-and-so published her book through a process called crowd-funding approach via collaborative publishing, while another acquaintance had a good experience with choosing one of the self publishing packages. So you Google the terms and once again lots of search results drown your vision.

You start visiting website after website to take notes: too cumbersome, required learning about ISBNs, distribution channels, et cetra.

Then you find one service that offered both options and didn’t require you to know the self-publishing terminology.  You submitted your manuscript to a CaryPress International consultant via email. After a little bit of editing, and on the 2nd week of submission, you were informed that your book is published and available on Amazon.

How could that be? That fast?! Sounds too good to be true. But seeing your book on Amazon can’t be wrong.

It feels so great to see your name on Amazon, even your grandmother in a rural town can now order it and have it in her hands in a few days!


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  1. I’m looking for someone to write and print a child’s book for my great grandson he’ll be 2 next March his papaw was only around him for a short time I would like to have a storie corporate his papaw in it plus pictures I would like to get it done before his second Birthday it would be something from his papaw for him to cherish the rest of his life

        1. Ms. Sidle

          Thank you for contacting us. We tried calling several times but no one answered. Is there a time and day this week that will work for you? I can have someone call you then.


  2. Helⅼο there I am so excited I found your web site, I really found you by error,
    while I was researching on Google for help with writing an ebook. Do you help with that as well?

  3. I am interested in publishing my first children’s book as an Early Childhood Educator….
    I am very excited and have a bold, yet creative imagination.
    I have the story fully written along with an illustration in mind I would like formatted.
    However, I have no clue on how to create a manuscript.
    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated along with basic quotes as a first time writer.

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